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Bangus, Salmon Stlye

Ingredients (PER 8-OZ GLASS JAR OR 211 X 300 CAN:
bangus, dressed 170-180 grams
2% brine

weighing scale plastic trays dial thermometer
chopping board colander steamer
knife salinometer heavy duty gas stove
pressure cooker - All American Standard

1. Scale the fish and remove the head, tail and internal organs.
2. Wash the fish thoroughly to remove blood and dirt.
3. Drain and cut transversely to fit the size of the can (scrape off the remaining blood and entrails).
4. Soak in 15% brine for 20 minutes. Drain.
5. Fill into cans/bottles and add 2% brine leaving 1/6 - ¼-inch headspace.
6. Exhaust by heating the filled cans by steam or over boiling water to an internal temperature of 85oC and seal.
7. Process at 15-psi for 90 minutes in cans, 10-psi for 120 min. in bottles.
8. Cool and, wash cans to remove grease and grime.
9. Dry and label.

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