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How to make Molded Scented Candles

  • paraffin wax candle mold (metal, plaster, silicon rubber mold, etc.)-polyethylene stoves (gas/electric stove)
  • wick for candle (cotton wick)
  • double boiler container
  • technical dye (oil soluble color)
  • storage racks
  • essential oil (synthetic/organic oil)
  • wick holder (bamboo stick)
  • laboratory thermometer
  • stirrer (wood/bamboo)
  • weighing scale (10-kilo capacity)
  • blade cutter (big size)
  • scissors
1. Prepare the mold. If you are using metal mold, make sure the mold has a mouth wider than the base so that your candle can slide out easily. Oil the inside of the mold with vegetable oil.

2. Prepare the candlewick. Adjust the size of the wick to the diameter of the candle and the fusibility of the candle material.

The following is a rough guide to the selection of wick size:

Size of Wick Candle Diameter

6 - 9 ply ½" diameter
12 - 15 ply 1" diameter
17 - 25 ply 2" diameter
27 - 35 ply 3" diameter

3. Melt the wax. Weigh 90 parts of paraffin wax and 10 parts polyethylene wax and place in the double boiler container. Wax is inflammable and should not be melted over direct heat. A well-ventilated workshop should be maintained.

4. Heat gently until all contents have melted and blended together. Allow the mixture to cool to about 70 C (160 F) and add scent and color. Stir to mix thoroughly.

5. Pour the wax slowly into the mold. Leave a little space at the top edge.

6. Insert the wick into the center of the mold. Wrap the other end of the wick around the bamboo stick. This holds the wick in the center of the wax while it cools.

7. Remove the candle from the mold. If candle doesn't slide out from metal mold. Immerse the mold in a very hot water for a few seconds. This will slightly melt the outside of the candle and it should slide out.

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