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Making Banana Wine


* Peel ripe bananas and slice thinly
* Measure. To every one part sliced bananas, add one-and-one-a-half parts water.
* Boil for 30 minutes or longer depending upon the quantity of the pulp.
* Strain
* Add sugar to the extract (one part sugar to every three parts extract).
* Stir and boil to dissolve the sugar. Sugar content should be 22-24 degrees. Brix.
* Allow to cool.
* Place in clean glass container or demi-johns.
* Inoculate with yeast (one tablespoon Red Star yeast to every 40 liters of boiled sweetened juice).
* Plug mouth of demi-john with a clean piece of paper to protect from dust.
* Ferment for a mouth.
* Siphon out the clear fermented liquid.
* Filter and transfer to a sterilized oak barrel for aging
* Cover hole with a wooden plug and seal with melted paraffin
* Age for two years or longer.
* Clarify the wine with eggwhites (eight eggwhites for every 30 liters of wine) by heating the aged wine in stream bath or heating the age wine in steam bath or a double boiler to a temperature of 55-60 degrees Celsius while adding the well-beaten eggwhites.
* Stir to maintain the temperature to 15-20 minutes.
* Cool.
* Filter the wine and bottle by siphoning into clear and sterilized bottles.

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