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Various Ways to Process Jackfruit


There are various ways to process mature, ripe jackfruit generally used for sweet products such as jam, marmalade, jelly, and candy. Dehydrated jackfruit could be powdered and incorporated in different recipes. Below are some processes to jackfruit preservation:

Dehydrated Candied (Jackfruit) Langka
1. Wash ripe langka remove adhering dirt.
2. Slice lengthwise and pick out firm, ripe langka bulbs. Cut ends to remove seeds.
3. Steam-blanch for five minutes.
4. Prepare a 35 B syrup. Allow 1.43 kg of syrup for every kilogram of langka bulbs. Add sodium metabisulfite (0.1% by weight syrup).
5. Add fruit and heat to 77 to 82 degree Celcius. Soak for five hours.
6. Drain the syrup from the fruit and increase syrup concentration to 65oB. Add sodium benzoate (0.1% by weight of syrup).
7. Add fruits and heat to 77-82 C. Soak overnight.
8. Drain for 10 minutes and rinse the bulbs with tap water. Drain again for 30 minutes.
9. Dry in cabinet drier at 54 -60 C for six hours.
10. Allow to sweat in a cheesecloth overnight.
11. Pack in polypropylene bags store in a cool, dry place.
12. A high acceptable product is sugar-free, bright yellow, firm or chewy in texture, and with a distinct jackfruit flavor.

Jackfruit Jam
1. Use fully ripe fruits.
2. Cut the fruit into halves and separate segments. Remove the seed from each segment and grind the pulp.
3. To one cup of ground pulp, add 170 g (3/4 cup) of sugar and boil with constant stirring until the mixture is thick and clear.
4. Pack while hot in sterilized jars and seal tightly.

Jackfruit Jelly
Follow general procedures. Include the none edible portion around each bulb when making jelly.

Jackfruit-Pineapple Marmalade
Jackfruit, finely sliced 226 g (1 cup )
Pineapple chopped 678 g (3 cups)
Sugar 452 (2 cups)
Glucose 113 g (1/2 cup)

1. Mix above ingredients and cook until thick.
2. Pour into jar while hot.
3. Remove air bubbles and half-seal.
4. Sterilize jar in boiling water. A 355-ml (12-oz) jar will require 25 minutes to sterilize. Seal completely.

Jackfruit Powder
1. Wash firm, ripe fruit.
2. Peel the fruit.
3. Separate the fruit pulp from the seeds and inedible portion.
4. Steam-blanch for five minutes per 350 +- 20 g pulp sample.
5. Line the steamer with several folds of wax paper to avoid any metallic contact with pulp.
6. Cool the blanched pulp for 30 minutes.
7. Puree the pulp together with 0.05% sodium metabisulfite and sugar (amount may vary from 50-75%) in a blender. Allow 1 1/2 minute pureeing for every 250 +- 20 g pulp.
8. Pour the puree evenly over the surface of a shallow and waxed drying tray.
9. Dry at 55 - 60 C until brittle.
10. Cool the product in the drier.
11. Remove the dried materials from the trays before a ventilating fan, since the product readily absorbs moisture.
12. Grind the dried material with a mortar and pestle, or a meat grinder when the sample is considerably large.
13. Sieve the powdered product.
14. Pack in appropriate containers with a desiccant.

Source: DOST

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