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Dried / Smoked Fish Products

Dried Whole Sardines or 'TUYO'

1. Wash fish with clean water to remove adhering dirt and drain.
2. Soak fish in 25% brine (1 part salt in 2 parts water) for about 3 hours or more depending on the size and sub-species of fish. (See Table 2)

Scientific Names Local Name Common Name Fish Length Soaking Time (hour)
Sardinella fimbriata tunsoy Fimbriated sardine 15 - 19 cm. 3
Sardinella longiceps tamban Indian sardine 15 - 22 cm. 3
Sardinella brachysoma lapad Deep-bodied herring 15 - 19 cm. 3
Sardinella tawilis tawilis Freshwater sardine 13 - 19 cm. 2 - 3
Sardinella albella silinyasi White sardine 5 - 8 cm. 2

3. Drain the fish and rinse with water to remove surface salt. Drain again.
4. Arrange or lay fish on drying trays skin down and dry under the sun or any suitable dryer until the moisture content is reduced to 40-45% (wet basis). This moisture content corresponds to fish that does not retain finger impressions when pressed at the thickest part of its body. The fish is turned over every 5 hours to effect uniform drying.
5. Allow the dried fish to 'sweat' or cool for at least 6 hours at room temperature by bringing the fish-filled trays into a well-ventilated room. Cover with nylon nets or screen mesh to ward off flies and other insects.
6. Pack the fish in wooden boxes of 25-kg capacity lined with 0.001-in thick polyethylene film and keep in cool and dry place. For retail packaging, pack the dried product in polyethylene bags of 0.002-inch thickness.
7. Packed dried fish maybe stored at room temperature (28°-30oC) for a week and longer at refrigerated temperatures (3°-5oC).

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