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Dried Split Fish Or 'Daing'

1. Wash fish with clean water to remove adhering dirt and drain.
2. Split fish into butterfly fillets from tip of head to tail and remove the gills and internal organs. Wash thoroughly to remove blood and traces of entrails.
3. Soak fish in brine with salt concentration and soaking time given below:

Scientific Names Local Name Common Name Brine Concentration Soaking Time (hour)
(%) Salt:H2O
Sillago sihama asuhos Banded whiting 20 1:4 1
Nemipterus taeoniopterus bisugo Threadfin bream 20 1:4 1
Caesio chrysozonus dalagang bukid Golden caesio 17.5 1:1.42 2
Decapterus macrosoma galunggong Shortfin/Round scad 20 1:4 1
Rastrelliger brachysomus hasa-hasa Short bodied mackerel 20 1:4 1.5
Sphyraena obtusata torsillo Striped baracuda 20 1:4 1.5
Mugil melinopterus kapak Black finned mullet 20 1:4 0.5

4. After soaking, drain the salted fish and rinse with tap water to remove surface salt. Drain again.
5. Arrange or lay fish on drying trays skin down and dry under the sun or in mechanical dryer at 40 to 45oC for the first 5 hours and at 50-60oC for the succeeding hours (5-10) until the product has a moisture content of 40-45% (wet basis).
6. Allow the dried fish to sweat or cool for at least 6 hours at room temperature.
7. Pack the dried products in bulk in clean wooden boxes and/or clean carton boxes lined with 0.001-in thick PE film. For retail packaging, pack dried fish at 200 or 250 grams/pack in 0.002-inch thick polyethylene (PE) plastic bags.
8. Store the packed dried product in a cool dry place or if possible at refrigerated conditions (3 - 5oC).

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