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Soy Sauce

Soybeans - ½ kg
Salt solution - 6 li or 24 c
Mold (Aspergillus Oryzae)
Flour - ½ kg
Rice bran - ½ tsp
"Kaolin" - 8 tbsp

Clean, wash and soak soybeans overnight. Drain well. Put soybeans in a casserole and cook until soft. Cook soybeans in a pressure cooker (15-lb pressure) for 1 hour or cook until tender. Mix soybeans and flour thoroughly. Sprinkle rice bran with molds (3 days old) over the mixture and mix well. Spread mixture 1-2 inches thick in a tray. Cover with clean cloth or paper and allow the molds to grow. Stir occasionally.

After 3-4 days, transfer the mixture to a container with salt solution. Cover the container with paper or cloth and shake well. Set aside for 1 month. Stir once in a while. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, add "kaolin" and let it stand until it has clear appearance. Strain again through a cheesecloth, add syrup and boil for 30 minutes. Transfer to a sterilized bottle and cover. Store.

Source: Great Flavor of Soybean. Book Series No. 155/1996. Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development. Picture from

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