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Surrendering to the Journey

“Today I know that I cannot control the ocean tides. I can only go with the flow . . . When I struggle and try to organize the Atlantic to my specifications, I sink. If I flail and thrash and growl and grumble, I go under. But if I let go and float, I am borne aloft.”
Marie Stilkind

As mentioned before, each of us has the freedom to choose what we do with our lives, but there is also certain wisdom in learning how to surrender to the journey.
Through sheer force of will you can achieve much, but at what cost? Learning how to surrender rather than forcing things to go your way can not only make things much easier, it can also create outcomes that are far better than you alone would have created.
Have you ever wanted something so badly that you made it your sole mission in life to get it? Maybe you had to work extremely hard or keep hammering away at obstacles until finally, victory was yours! And then what? Probably you experienced a bit of letdown or fatigue, disappointment that what you thought you wanted wasn’t so great after all.

That’s because so much of what we think we want actually comes from our ego-selves. The ego is the spoiled, petulant child within each of us. The part of us that cares only about our own happiness, our own comfort, our own gain. When we set goals and objectives from this state of mind, inevitably we are disappointed by them later because they serve only our immediate whims and desires.

Letting Your Inner Wisdom Lead
There is a wiser and more patient part of us, however. This part of us could be called our spirit, higher self, inner wisdom, or many other names. When we set our ego aside and allow this part of ourselves to take charge, everything suddenly becomes much easier.
Not only are we able to choose more lasting and satisfying objectives, we are also led to the simplest and quickest ways to achieve them. Struggle evaporates. Fear dissolves. Impatience is transformed into confidence and trust. When you surrender to this higher part of yourself, the entire journey becomes smoother, more magical, and more deeply satisfying.

It won’t always be easy to set your personal preferences aside. Sometimes you’ll find yourself getting hooked on doing things a certain way, or seeing a specific outcome from your efforts.
Self-awareness can help keep you more balanced in this respect, because you’ll more easily notice when you’re clinging, pushing or forcing circumstances, or resisting an easier way – even if you wouldn’t have chosen it as “your way.”

Choosing the Easy Way
Remember that for every objective there is an easy way and a hard way of accomplishing it. When it comes to your life purpose, your inner wisdom will lead you to the easy way, every time.
That doesn’t mean effort won’t be required. In fact, you’ll probably work more diligently on your passions than you’ve ever worked on anything before! But it won’t SEEM like work. It will seem fun and easy – even blissful.
Surrendering to the journey has another benefit too; helping you to keep your expectations in check. Rather than pinning all of your expectations on some distant outcome, you’ll be better able to enjoy what you’re doing now. You’ll make the journey itself your objective. That doesn’t mean that amazing outcomes won’t result from your journey – quite the opposite!
The more attention and energy you put into NOW, the more powerful LATER will be. But you won’t have to focus so hard on it to make it happen. You’ll just naturally create it from one moment to the next.

Allowing Your Purpose to Evolve
Believe it or not, your life purpose will continue to evolve for the rest of your life, just as you will personally, spiritually, professionally – in all areas of your life, really. That’s why it’s not so important to have a nitty-gritty detailed idea of what your purpose is, but rather to look at the pieces that comprise it and begin taking action on them.
As you learn, grow and develop throughout your lifetime, so will your purpose. In fact, don’t be surprised if you’re doing something completely unrelated to the activities on your worksheets twenty years from now. Those initial insights may prove to be mere stepping stones that lead to something much bigger and better. Or they might end up being all you want to do, forever. It can go either way.
That’s another reason why it’s so important to let your inner wisdom lead. By doing so you’ll stay aware of inner changes that might be moving you in another direction than you initially intended to go.

Living Moment to Moment
More than anything else, I want you to understand that living your life purpose isn’t about trying to become someone you are not, doing things you don’t enjoy or taking on all of the worthy causes in the world.
It’s about coming back to yourself – your authentic self – and awakening to the potential that already exists within you.
Many of us, for most of our lives have gotten used to “playing small.” We’ve been told over and over again that it’s wrong to honor our uniqueness – let alone celebrate it.
We’ve spent a lot of time trying to blend in, be like everyone else and hide that glimmer of brilliance that wants to burst forth from us.

But doing so not only stunts our own growth, it deprives the world of something magnificent.
Through the exercises in this book you may have conceived a clearer idea of the specific activities that comprise your life purpose, or you may still be trying to figure it out – but understand that your purpose goes far beyond the things you do day to day.
When you believe that your life has meaning and make it your purpose to infuse that meaning into everything you do, you make every moment and every activity meaningful. Consequently, you are able to live with purpose no matter what you do, no matter where you go, and no matter how you and your purpose evolve over time.

You’ll simply turn your entire life into a vehicle for positive change, growth, healing, awareness or anything else you decide to adopt as your mission.
Can you imagine a more powerful purpose than that? I sure can’t.
May you enjoy ever-increasing passion, power and purpose in everything you do!

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