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Be a Dreamer

Dare to dream,
for dreamers see tomorrow.
Dare to make a wish,
for wishing makes way for hope,
and hope is what keeps
us all alive.
Dare to reach out
for the things no one else can see.
Be unafraid to see what
others cannot.
Believe in your heart
and in your own goodness,
for in doing so
others will believe
in them, too.
Believe in magic,
because life is full of it.
But most of all,
believe in yourself...
because within you lies
all of the magic,
the hope, the love,
and the dreams of tomorrow.

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Cindy Dy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

Wow. Awesome article. Please do more articles like this in the future. Very informational and knowledgeable. I will expect more from you in the future. For now i will just bookmark your page and surely I'm gonna come back later to read more. Thank you to the writer!


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