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This is how it works.

Each new day is a blank page in
the diary of your life. The pen is in
your hand, but the lines will not all be
written the way you choose; some
will come from the world and the
circumstances that surround you.
But for the many things that are in
your control, there is something
special you need to know...
The secret of life is in making your
story as beautiful as it can be.

Write the diary of your days and
fill the pages with words that come
from the heart. As the pages take
you through time, you will discover
paths that will add to your
happiness and your sorrows, but if
you can do these things, there will
always be hope in your tomorrows.

Follow your dreams. Work hard. Be
kind. This is all anyone could ever ask:
Do what you can to make the door
open on a day... that is filled with
beauty in some special way. Remember:
Goodness will be rewarded. Smiles will
pay you back. Have fun. Find strength.
Be truthful. Have faith. Don't focus on
the things you lack.

Realize that people are the treasures in
life - and happiness is the real
wealth. Have a diary that describes
how you did your best, and...
The rest will take care of itself.

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