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The Strength of the Human Spirit

Dreams come true
because someone believes
they can, and without
thought of failure, they risk
everything they have within them.
Hopes are always renewed because
someone won't give up, and they
don't allow the risks involved to
keep them from taking a chance.
Wishes that seem so impossible
can be wished for anyway, and they
will come into reality because of
simple faith.
Faith is the one thing in life
that can take you through any
pain, relieve any worry or sorrow,
and keep you believing in the joys
of tomorrow.
Faith is the ability to believe in
the idea that good will eventually
come from the worst possible
situation, pain, or disillusionment.

It carries us through bad
times with a deep sense of
security and strength, and the
knowledge that whatever might
come, we possess the ability to
overcome any obstacle, overlook
obvious discouragements, and
keep on trying through any
Faith is the one thing in life
that you'll always need, because
the strength you possess... is the
strength of the human spirit.

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