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Do Whatever You Need to Do...

If need be, go it alone —
your victory will be even sweeter.
If need be, go slowly —
how fast you get there isn't important.
If need be, start over again and again —
success becomes closer each time.
If need be, accept whatever you have to —
it may not be easy to do,
but it makes everything easier.
If need be, stop running —
so that happiness can find you.
If need be, admit that you need help —
this is helping yourself.
If need be, ignore fear —
for without fear, anything is possible.
If need be, make a change —
it could change your life.
If need be, surrender —
without struggle, there is peace.
If need be compromise —
but keep your principles.
If need be, continue
what seems to be impossible —
it only is impossible if you quit.
If need be, stop — and a new life will start.
If need be, try something different —
you will be wiser.
If need be, wait —
amazing things happen every day.
If need be, live with uncertainty —
certainty is in trusting yourself.
If need be, have faith—
and faithfully you'll be given strength.
If need be, go forward —
your dreams are waiting patiently for you.

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